Chameleon Seek is the first episode of Season 3 of Wild Kratts.


Chris and Martin and their groups head it in Madagascar to meet beautiful colorful animals called Chameleon.Gourmand made a beach restaurant and hired Zach to get some creatures to cook. The Kratt Brothers must rescue the animals with chameleon camouflage and stop the two.

Villain of the Week and Animal's NamesEdit

Villain of the Week: Zach Varmitech,Chef Gaston Gourmand

Animal Name(s): swirly eyes,color lore


Warty Chameleon, Fossa, Ring-tailed lemur, Tomato frog, Tenrec, Radiated tortoise, Sooty Falcon,Ground Boa,Tent Moth,Aye-aye,Brown Lemur,Green Turtle,Leaf tailed gecko

Air DateEdit

PBS - June 11 2014



Writer and DirectorEdit

Writer - TBA

Director - TBA